AudioCodes RXV81 – Video Collaboration Bar


Room Experience (RX) Suite
Offers a fantastic meeting experience with Microsoft Teams that is extremely beneficial and effective for both remote and in-person attendees.


The AudioCodes RXV81 is a stylish standalone video collaboration bar that allows you to quickly and easily collaborate with participants in- and outside the office, while enjoying excellent image clarity and voice quality. Suitable for smaller meeting and executive rooms (up to 5 people), the RXV81 enhances the quality of any Teams meeting.


  • Extensive video and audio capabilities, built-in speakers and 6 microphones, as well as Full HD and ePTZ with 5x zoom, making every meeting interactive and personal
  • Certified by Microsoft and compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ (MTR)
    Quick and easy deployment thanks to its intuitive mounting element
  • Intuitive meeting experiences with one click to join using the Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ application
  • Superior audio via a full-room pickup
  • Lens with 110° field of view (FoV) covers every seat in the meeting room
  • Built-in DualBand Wi-Fi + Bluetooth remote control
  • Can be managed through AudioCodes’ One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) Device Manager or by Microsoft’s Teams Admin Center (TAC)

IP Phone Series Highlights

  • High voice quality
  • Support for SILK codec
  • Full duplex speaker phone
  • Robust security mechanisms
  • PoE or external power supply
  • Out-of-the-box global redirection server support
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Centralized management using the AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC) Device Manager